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A Guide To Centrepin Fishing Reels

Buyers Guide To Centrepin Reels Although they can be an expensive investment (some cost in excess of £300), today’s centrepin reels are so well engineered they will last a lifetime. You just have to look at some of the antique ‘pins’ still around to see that quality lasts. Most have handles, but once you’ve used […]

Fishing The Block End Feeder

Blockend feeders are a valuable addition to any match anglers tackle box, but there’s no point carting them around in your box if you don’t know how to get the best out of them. Fox backed Mark Pollard tells you everything you need to know about fishing this method. COLD water fishing is all about […]

A Guide To Spodding For Carp

By Chris Berry Too many anglers are a bit trigger-happy when it comes to spodding and cannot wait to blast large amounts of bait out to the horizon. It is a fact that many anglers fall into the trap of automatically spodding on certain waters, the Linear Fisheries waters particularly spring to mind. In the […]

Floating Maggots

The ability to make maggots float gives the angler an extra weapon in the armoury against the old enemy. Note that the maggots float when dropped into the water, but as soon as you put a hook on they sink, crucially, more slowly; indeed, you are almost creating a neutral buoyancy hook bait when the […]

Carp Fishing: Bite Indication

Carp ace Dave Lane shows how you can improve your bite indication when fishing for big carp – and catch more fish… Rig Rejected! THESE days our rigs – or more to the point our hook baits – are being tested and successfully rejected more and more by the carp we fish for. On some of the […]

Techno Dog (Stillwater)

This pattern is equally effective for brown trout as it is for rainbows, which is a bit of a rarity. It can be fished on all lines, but for best results go for a sinking line of some description because this means it can retrieved relatively quickly on an even plain. A roly-poly can be […]

How To Tie A Shock Leader Knot

Step-by-step guide on how to tie to a shock leader knot. Why Use A Shockleader? Using a shockleader is very important where any sort of power casting is involved. As a general rule, sea anglers allow 10lb of breaking strain leader for every ounce of lead they are casting but the shock leader also has it’s place in coarse fishing […]

The Seven Best Carp Baits

Simon Scott reveals his all time top seven carp baits, in reverse order, and explains why he believes they are so good. THE carp market today is awash with quality baits. For the young or inexperienced angler this can be a nightmare. How do you know which bait to use? Out of all the baits […]

Bomber Rig

How to tie the Bomber Boom Rig The Bomber Rig This rig is well known on the match scene the length and breadth of the country. It allows you to fish two long hooklengths that both clip down to the same bait clip. Because of the length of the snoods, this rig is ideal for […]

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