25th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament Final (Day 1)
Moat Pool (48 Pegs)
J Masson (Marukyu) Island 30 184-0-0
Moat pool continues to return some really good catches and this sunday match was no different. Jamie Masson offered a paste approach over pellet and hemp feed at 13m for 29 carp to 9lb
B Holmes (Matrix Trentmen) Island 54 151-0-0
Ben Holmes alternated 6mm and 8mm banded pellet on short pole for 10 carp and later used same tactics in the margins for double figure fish
D Newman (Map Leegem) Outer 61 116-12-0
Daz Newman also used paste to good effect catching 21 carp at 14m
A Bailey (Doncaster) Outer 109 115-14-0
B Dales (Retford) Island 40 111-12-0

24th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match
Moat Outer (21 Pegs)
S Gray (Worksop) Outer 33 122-2-0
Stuart fished paste on long pole and paste over micros in the edge for carp to 13lb
P Miles (Doncaster) Outer 8 95-8-0
Pete fished banded 6mm pellet shallow at 12m for 20 carp to 8lb
W Lomas (Map Leegem) Outer 79 76-14-0
Wayne alternated pellet and corn for a mixed net of carp and skimmers
S Clark (Mansfield) Outer 94 68-7-0
R Bonson (Hallcroft) Outer 28 56-12-0

23rd August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Match 
Moat Pool (27 Pegs)
M Hall (Tuxford Map) Island 73 224-9-0
There were some impressive weights for his latest friday afternoon open on moat pool with 8 weights over 100lb. Mick Hall broke the double ton from peg 73 on moat isalnd. Mick fished shallow with banded pellet at 13m for carp to 10lb
J Hobson (Sheffield) Outer 80 151-2-0
Jack Hobson opted for a paste and pellet approach fishing at 10m for 23 carp to 11lb
S Clark (Mansfield) Island 68 138-12-0
Steve Clark also used banded pellet but fished hard on the deck at 8m for his carp dominated net
D Oldham (Maltby) Outer 90 114-10-0
W Plant (Subfish) 108-4-0

22nd August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Match
Moat Pool (42 Pegs)
D Whiting (Buttonhole AC) Island 10 117-12-0
Dave Whiting fished pole and paste over hemp and caster at 12m for 23 carp to 10lb
B Poole (Bag Em Baits)
Island 73 103-2-0
Bob opted to fish shallow with meat and pellet at 14m alternating 2ft and 4ft deep for carp to 10lb
R Abbs (Notts) Outer 8 71-8-0
Ray Abbs fished catmeat over pellet on short pole and into the margins for carp to 8lb
I Tomlinson (Hallcroft) Island 2 71-0-0
P Fisher (Retford) Outer 12 62-9-0

20th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Match
Moat Island (25 Pegs) 
P Elliott (Map leegem) 43 112-10-0
Paul Elliott won this tuesday afternoon match with just over 100lb. Paul fished corn and paste over pellet and hemp on short pole and into the margins for carp to 12lb
J Masson (Marukyu) 17 96-15-0
Jamie fished paste over hemp at 11m and 14m for 17 carp to 8lb
A Tait (Packet Inn) 32 93-14-0
Alan Tait used the pellet cone to good effect using micros and hair rigged meat and corn for carp to 8lb
R Teigh (Handsworth) 68 88-6-0
A Berisford (Map leegem) 40 85-14-0

19th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Match
Bridge Pool ( 21 Pegs)
P Schoof (Hallcroft) Outer 38 109-12-0
Paul Schoof drew the samd peg as last week and this time went one better by winning. Paul fished paste long and down into the margins for carp to 10lb
R Brooks (Sheffield) Island 13 88-14-0
Ron Brooks came second fromm island 13. Ronfished pellet meat and corn on short pole for a mixed net of carp and skimmers
G Hiley (Mansfield) Outer 39 65-2-0
Geoff also fished meat and pellet for his 5 carp and 30lb of skimmers
R Holmes (Notts AA) Outer 47 61-14-0
N Wood (Hallcroft) Island 16 61-10-0