Caption: Daiwa Dorking celebrate after winning the World Club Champs on the Ostellato Canal.


Following the news that the Angling Trust has reintroduced a qualifier to identify and select a team to represent England in the FIPS-ed Coarse Angling World Championship for Clubs (float), the Angling Trust would like to make a full and unreserved apology to all teams affected by the decision, for the short notice period given and for the lack of communication regarding the plans.

The decision to reinstate the qualifier that mirrors the rules and format of the FIPS-ed World Club Championship was taken in good faith. However, timing of the announcement has understandably upset and angered a number of teams who had registered for the Division One National on the understanding that the winner would be invited to be England’s representatives in the 2018 FIPS-ed Coarse Angling World Championship for Clubs (float).

In 2016, FIPS-ed announced the introduction of a World Championship for Clubs in feeder fishing to be held in April 2017. Angling Trust responded by adding a specific qualifier event fished to FIPS-ed feeder rules at late notice and invited all AT member clubs interested in competing in the World Championships to compete.

The decision to reintroduce a qualifier for the float club championships and retain a feeder club championships qualifier was taken in October 2016. Planning for both events got underway in March. However, this was not communicated to all team captains effectively.

Ben Thompson, Senior Competitions & Performance Manager, said: “The decision to reintroduce a float fishing specific qualifying match was not one that was taken lightly. We firmly believe that teams seeking to represent England in a float or feeder World Championships for Clubs should qualify from an event that mirrors the actual world championships rules and format. I fully appreciate and acknowledge that the timing and communication around the announcement could, and should, have been better. I sincerely apologise to those clubs who have invested time, effort and money practicing for Division One on the understanding that a team would qualify for the World Championships for Clubs (float) in 2018.

“We have not had a specific qualifier for the world club championship for float fishing since 2013 when the Preston Innovations World Club Classic was in the match calendar. However, the introduction of a feeder specific club qualifier in 2016 showed that it was possible to deliver an event with the same values and ethos. In making these events open to all Angling Trust member clubs we open up the opportunity for all clubs to compete and represent England on the world stage.

“There is no sponsorship in place to support the winning team’s participation in the world championships and the Angling Trust does not profit from either of these qualifiers. Once delivery costs are covered, monies raised from entry fees and pools are reinvested into the events to provide the winning teams with some prize money to offset the cost of entry to the world championships.”

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Daiwa Dorking win the world club champs on the Ostellato Canal 2016