Asso line from Italian manufacturer Gruppo is now available to UK anglers, with a range of main and hooklength lines for fresh and saltwater anglers.

Gruppo has been producing lines since the 1970s and offers and impressive selection of monofilaments and co-polymers and is especially well known for its fluorocarbons and fluorocarbon coated lines.

The Super Fluorocarbon is 100% fluorocarbon and is markedly smooth to the touch, thanks to a new PVDF copolymer and a state-of-the-art extrusion process.

Unlike some fluorocarbons which can be stiff and brittle, Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very supple and soft and boasts good diameter to strength ratios. It also has a little bit of shock absorbing stretch which can be so important on the take. There is a High Stretch version with more stretch if that’s your requirement.

Virtually invisible in water, it comes on 50-metre spools and is an ideal hooklength, tippet or snood choice when low visibility is required. Available in seven sizes from 0.13mm to 0.40mm starting at around £10 for a spool.


Asso Super Fluorocarbon
Diameters and strengths: 4.6lb (2.10kg) 0.15mm; 5.7lb (2.60kg) 0.17mm; 6.8lb (3.10kg) 0.19mm; 8.3lb (3.80kg) 0.21mm; 9.4lb (4.30kg) 0.23m.