Watch Rae Borras is on his favourite river, the historic River Tweed, at his favourite time of year; early October.

This is a hallowed time for salmon anglers, as it’s when fish run up the border river in large numbers to spawn.

But conditions are against him, with the water rising and colouring up – hardly perfect trim when you are fishing for salmon.
Luckily he’s in good hands, and his ghillie Dougie doesn’t take long to put him on a double figure fish at Tweedmill, which is soon being returned to fight another day.

Autumn River Tweed WATCH FOR FREE

In this episode Rae takes a break from the fishing to visit the site of the Battle of Flodden – the scene of the bloodiest battle between English and Scottish troops that resulted in the death of the King of Scotland and 14,000 other men. 
He also stops off at the home of the Coldstream Guards to show us a salmon pass, but he’s soon back in the boat with Dougie and enjoying a highly successful Scottish salmon fishing adventure.

The programme is available free to view here on this website in the October 2011 issue of Game Fisher’s Diary – the monthly video magazine for dedicated fly anglers – which is available until November 11th.

Autumn River Tweed WATCH FOR FREE