The first Boddington Classic qualifier of the year saw 57 open water specialists pit themselves against what were pretty terrible conditions on the midland reservoir. Howling winds and driving rain certainly put the fish down and most were taken at range on feeder tactics.

One man that had slightly better conditions was Robert Blackburn who drew peg 100, towards the sanctuary and had some flatter water in front of him. He engineered this to his advantage, presenting well at range and taking eight carp up to 20lbs. Tactics were quite simple with medium sized method feeders and wafter hookbaits. Robert ended on an impressive 38.325kg.

Second on the day was Andrew Gardner, who also drew just past the rocks and into the face of the wind on peg 92. Andy patiently worked his swim and optimised some less windy periods, chucking 50m on the hybrid to take eight carp for 37.275kg.

Third spot on the day was Matt Threlfall who drew on the rocks. Matt caught most of his fish in the last two hours as the carp moved in on peg 80. Wafters were also the successful bait and across the five hours Matt amassed a credible 32.750kg to qualify for the final.

With new five-man sections the following seven anglers also made the final:

A- Paul Taylor – 20.100kg
B- Richard Edmunds- 32.475kg
C- Paul Worstencroft- 4.275kg
D -Clive Fletcher – 12.525kg
E- Berkley Kay -21.200kg
F- Alan Walton – 17.700kg
H- Daniel Coss- 21.550kg

Our thanks must go to the Pilkington’s and the Bailiffs from Boddington, Keith and Ken for their assistance on the day. Qualifying anglers have been refunded their tickets and as usual tickets have been put back on sale HERE. The next qualifier is on Sunday 19thof May which is currently a sell-out.