How to tie the Bomber Boom Rig

The Bomber Rig
This rig is well known on the match scene the length and breadth of the country. It allows you to fish two long hooklengths that both clip down to the same bait clip. Because of the length of the snoods, this rig is ideal for searching out flatties and eels, as well as for catching rays, bass, cod and all manner of species. In fact, there really isn’t a species that can’t be caught on a bomber rig.

The problem in the past was that the bomber rig would fish well once cast out, but it has a tendency to tangle when retrieved, especially if there are no fish hooked. Tony’s variation of the bomber utilises booms that help reduce tangles, in turn making your fishing far easier. Here’s how to tie one…

Shopping List
For the rig body you will need:
1 x Genie Link Clip
5 x Genie Mini-crimps
6 x Genie 3mm beads
2 x Genie SRT Springs
1 x Genie 200mm boom
1 x Genie 150mm boom
1 x Genie ABC Long Clip (from ABC 2 Hook Conversion Kit)
1 x Genie ABC Link Clip
1 x 120cm length (approximately) of 60lb line


For the snoods you will need (suggested):
2 x Genie Snood Clips
2 x preferred hooks
2 x sequins
2 x 4mm beads
1 x 6mm of Genie 1.5mm silicone tubing (sliding bait stops)
1 x 85cm length (approximately) of 20/25lb line
1 x 70cm length (approximately) of 20/25lb line

Step 1
You’ll need all the components shown here to build this rig correctly. We’ve put together a shopping list to make life easier for you.
Step 2
The first step is to trim the tag end off your main rig body line at an angle. This makes it easier to thread on the fiddly crimps and beads.
Step 3
You don’t have to use a Gemini Rig Jig, but Tony says it makes life much easier for tightening knots and tensioning the line.
Step 4
The first step is to tie on a Gemini Genie Link Clip. Use a four-turn grinner knot for maximum security and for safety reasons.
Step 5
Tie up your snoods by first adding a Genie Snood Clip to the end of each hooklength. This will make changing snoods easier.
Step 6
Once you’ve tied on the Snood Clips, thread on a length of silicone tubing and then thread the end of the snood back through it again.
Step 7
If you pull on the tag end of the snood while holding the Snood Clip, the silicone tubing will wrap over itself to form a bait stop.
Step 8
Add a bead and a sequin now. These act as a bait stop to prevent your bait sliding up the snood. They also add visual attraction.
Step 9
Now it’s time to tie on your chosen hooks. We’ve gone for size 2/0s here because we’re targeting codling. Use a grinner knot here, too.
Step 10
Going back to the main rig body, slide on all the components as shown here and you’re nearly ready to fix it all in place.
Step 11
Slide on the ABC Link Clip components and crimp the two beads in place just above the knot on the clip like this.
Step 12
You can now add your snoods to the ends of the booms. Start by adding a 4cm-long section of silicone tubing to the ends of the booms.
Step 13
Clip the Link Clips on the ends of your snoods to the ends of the booms and pull down the silicone tubing to hold them in place.
Step 14
Clip the hooks into the bait clip and pull the SRT springs under tension before crimping. When released, the booms should stand off.