Black Viper rods are the most successful line of feeder rods in the Browning range in the history of the company. When they were originally introduced, they displaced the prevailing mostly stiffer rod series and offered unprecedented performance for the angler. Even with less power, long casting distances became almost child’s play. No wonder these “venomous snakes” have been essential equipment for countless serious feeder anglers ever since.

Now, a new generation has arrived. Browning is introducing the Black Viper 2 rod series, with even slimmer and faster blanks. For extra power delivery, the blanks have also been reinforced with a carbon cross wrap, which is visible to the angler. The guides have been specially adapted for use of braided lines, which are becoming ever more popular in modern feeder fishing.

There are two different versions of the 13ft Black Viper 2 rods. The standard version has a standard action and is ideal for slow moving rivers and lakes with casting distances of 30-80metres. The mellow action allows the use of lighter hooklengths with confidence.

The 13ft ‘S’ model has a ‘faster’ action and is more suited to longer casts up to 100metres. It is also perfect for faster flowing rivers.

12204 390 – Supplied with 1.5-2.0-3.0oz carbon tips. Casting weight 100gr
12204 391 – Supplied with 2.0-3.0-4.0oz carbon tips. Casting weight 140gr