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Maldives: Where 50lb Line Is Not Enough

The latest issue of Game Fisher’s Diary includes a brand new episode of the series of the same name in which Rae Borras takes up an offer to explore the game fishing potential of a secluded island hideaway in The Maldives – after all, who wouldn’t? With the help of local guides who know this […]

Carp Off The Top With Mark Pitchers

The latest issue of The Carp Channel includes a brand new episode of ‘The Session’ in which top carper and fishery owner Mark Pitchers visits Carp Vale Lake to reveal the tricks he has honed to get more of those surface feeding carp to take your hook bait, rather than drive you to drink by […]

Macey On Camera Meets The Mekongs

Big fish man Dean Macey has travelled with ‘Fishing TV’ to the famous Gilhams Fishing Resort in Southern Thailand for a series of programmes in which he’s targeting some of the venue’s incredible freshwater fish, including arapaima, giant catfish, and the biggest carp of them all, the awesome looking Siamese carp, which grows to world […]

Chilly River Carping

There’s a treat in store in the latest issue from ‘The Carp Channel’ as we join Ian Chillcott in his quest to stalk a wild summer river carp on a picture postcard upper southern river location. ‘Chilly’ begins with the mist still rising off the water and almost straight away he’s (almost) speechless as he’s […]

Hampshire Avon Salmon With Rae Borras

Rae Borras travels along his beloved Hampshire Avon, the river that began his life-long love affair with the king of fish, the mighty salmon, in the latest issue of ‘The Game Fisher’s Diary’, which is free to view here on this website.His aim is to try and track down a Hampshire Avon salmon on the […]

Chilly Targets The Stenhill Leneys

Ian Chillcott’s latest filming expedition with The Carp Channel saw him visit a small fishery in Devon that was stocked with original Leney carp in 1978.Stenhill Fisheries is a holiday destination that allows only residents to fish, so the fish are not pressured and beauties they are too. Chilly landed 14 carp during the 36-hour session […]

Sea Watch Issue 16 – Now Live And Free To View

The latest issue of Sea Watch – the video magazine for shore an boat anglers everywhere – includes a special report from the European Open’s Flattie Bash – fished in conditions so appalling that it was nearly called off for safety reasons. We’ve also gained access to some fascinating underwater footage of species like cod, […]

Coarse & Match: Latest Issue

How to master commercials, huge barbel and zander, video news, ice fishing and a brand new series with Jeremy Wade.  The latest issue of Coarse & Match Fishing is out and it’s bursting at the seams with hints, tips and action. Don’t miss the first in a series of exclusive interviews with River Monsters presenter […]