The new Preston Offbox 36 Monster Bait Bait Station can be attached to both seat-box and platform legs and once in position can be swivelled to the correct position so you can easily reach whateve bait you are using without disrupting your fishing rythmn.

It comes complete with two five-pint capacity bait tubs (lids not included) and zipped EVA square bowl with rigid hoop and can of course also be used without the bait tubs as a large rectangular groundbait bowl.

The Monster Bait Bait Station is based around a lightweight and strong aluminium frame with zipped rectangular EVA bowl. OffBox Pro knuckles can be attached to either seatbox or platform legs for stability and the lid can be propped up at various angles to offer protection from the elements whilst maintaining access to bait at all times.

Inserts supplied: 25mm Round, 23mm OnBox, 19mm Square

Dimensions:  L: 560MM    W: 390mm