Many anglers have achieved instructors’ or coaching qualifications or awards such as STANIC and C25 dating back five or more years and which are no longer adequate to become a licensed coach. A scheme launched by the Angling Development Board (ADB) gives these anglers the chance to upgrade to the modern coaching qualification compatible with other sports and the UK Coaching Certificate.

Jackie Sheldon, Senior Development Manager for the ADB explains;

‘Through the UKCC Source Group and our Coach Steering Group, the ADB has developed ‘bridging packs’ which will enable these instructors to meet requirements for becoming ADB licensed coaches and will be accepted by Local Authorities, County Sports Partnerships and schools throughout England and eventually the UK.’

‘We are expecting at least 80 applications for this opportunity and hope it will encourage many lapsed coaches into being more active and getting involved in all the new angling initiatives starting around the country.’

Anyone holding an angling qualification or award other than the 1st4sport Certificate in Coaching Angling can apply using the ‘Recognised Prior Learning’ (RPL) forms on the Angling Trust – ADB website where the process is explained.  It usually includes one day of additional training plus a two-day assessment. The cost of the upgrade has been reduced to £80 by funding secured by the ADB and many applicants will also be eligible for grants, sponsorship and bursaries to offset this cost.  Help is available on this from the ADB office or its Regional staff.