It’s 20 years since the Silstar brand was last seen on the shelves of British tackle shops.  But that is about to change, thanks to an exclusive deal, Waterline Angling Products Ltd is introducing the famous Silstar brand back onto the UK market. 

Waterline used the recent Tackle & Guns show to launch the new and improved Silstar brand to the Trade community and the reaction was amazing.  Ray Townsend is quoted as saying that this years show was one of the best for Waterline and that it was largely due to the response to the many products Waterline are about to distribute under the Silstar brand.

The initial product range will consist of Rods, Reels, Lines, Luggage, Nets and an umbrella, these items will be good quality but also value for money that is synonymous with the Silstar brand.

Waterline has now had 17 years experience in the wholesale tackle trade and prides itself on good stock levels and efficient deliveries and having secured the exclusive distribution of Silstar is looking forward to the new trading year with customers old and new.

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