Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott enjoys the kind of fishing most people can only dream of, and by his own admission the best three mornings of carp fishing of his life, and all in front of the Carp Channel Monthly cameras.

Incredibly he starts catching within 30 SECONDS of casting out, after pre-baiting the night before, and within just ten minutes he’s got a ‘thirty’ on the bank. Nice start!
But in amongst the windsurfers the action just carries on. Four minutes after casting out for a second time following a quick cuppa to calm down, the alarm is screaming again to the tune of a linear mirror carp going 24lb 6oz, followed by a lean, mean 20lb-plus common, and 20 minutes later a beautiful 29lb mirror carp.

And just as we’re all thinking it can’t get any better, he hooks into something he immediately knows is ‘a slightly different kettle of fish’ that soon has him begging for mercy.
Chilly holds his nerve and finds himself punching the air as he lands a fabulous near-leather carp, which he weighs at 41lb 10oz: “Light my fire!!”
And it doesn’t stop there, but we’ll leave you to find out about the next two amazing days.
The show’s not all about one great carp after another, which we were hardly complaining about.

Chilly shows how to tie up the safe, semi fixed boilie-and-fake-corn rig that he uses for 95% of his fishing; and passes on tips for playing really big carp successfully, and the tackle to use for them.

He even stalks a belting mirror going 29lb 3oz from the margins.
During the odd quiet spell, Chilly also goes in search of fish, and finds them cruising around a ‘safe’ area of the lake.
And he rounds it off with an ‘absolute beast’ that nearly takes the rod in and he just can’t control. That fish goes…. well you’ll have to watch to find out.
This is a programme on which lovers of big carp fishing can gorge themselves. 

As Chilly says himself: “It’s better to be lucky than good!”
This amazing made-for-tv programme is just one highlight of the November issue of Carp Channel Monthly – the video magazine for dedicated carp anglers everywhere  – that’s available FREE TO VIEW ON THIS WEBSITE until December 2nd 2011.

Don’t miss it!!