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Carp Off The Top With Mark Pitchers

The latest issue of The Carp Channel includes a brand new episode of ‘The Session’ in which top carper and fishery owner Mark Pitchers visits Carp Vale Lake to reveal the tricks he has honed to get more of those surface feeding carp to take your hook bait, rather than drive you to drink by […]

Chilly River Carping

There’s a treat in store in the latest issue from ‘The Carp Channel’ as we join Ian Chillcott in his quest to stalk a wild summer river carp on a picture postcard upper southern river location. ‘Chilly’ begins with the mist still rising off the water and almost straight away he’s (almost) speechless as he’s […]

Chilly Targets The Stenhill Leneys

Ian Chillcott’s latest filming expedition with The Carp Channel saw him visit a small fishery in Devon that was stocked with original Leney carp in 1978.Stenhill Fisheries is a holiday destination that allows only residents to fish, so the fish are not pressured and beauties they are too. Chilly landed 14 carp during the 36-hour session […]

Chilly Bags His Target Fish: Video

Carp ace Ian Chillcott has already banked his target fish from Linear Fisheries’ Manor Farm Lake –– and The Carp Channel was there to exclusively capture it on film. You can see the capture FREE TO VIEW in the video news bulletin in the brand new issue of The Carp Channel – just visit www.carp-channel.com […]

Patching Pond Raid: FREE TO VIEW

The latest issue of The Carp Channel includes a brand new episode of Chilly On Carp, in which Ian Chillcott uses all his senses to catch cool-water carp on a lake stocked by Donald Leney in the early 1960s.  This time our ace is on Patching Pond in Sussex, England, one of the oldest man-made […]

River Carp Quest FREE TO VIEW

Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott is desperate to get a monkey off his back – he’s never caught a carp from a British river and as the Warwickshire Avon is full of them it’s sure to provide the answer.  As we all know stealth is the key to catching wary, wild carp… but tell that to the […]

Carp Drags Angler In! Free To View

Ever seen an angler getting dragged under the water by a carp he’s hooked? You will do if you watch the Carp News item in the latest issue of The Carp Channel. The un-named angler wades in to free a fish from a snag (not to be advised) but when the estimated 30lb carp comes […]

Carp Channel New Issue: FREE TO VIEW

At last the summer sun is out and so is another great issue from The Carp Channel, and it’s positively screaming off with bucket loads of brilliant video for carp anglers… all of it FREE TO VIEW.WATCH THE CARP CHANNEL NOW There’s some three hours of great carp video from the UK and overseas in […]