Ian Chillcott’s latest filming expedition with The Carp Channel saw him visit a small fishery in Devon that was stocked with original Leney carp in 1978.

Stenhill Fisheries is a holiday destination that allows only residents to fish, so the fish are not pressured and beauties they are too. 
Chilly landed 14 carp during the 36-hour session in front of the cameras, mostly mirrors but with the odd ‘bullet like’ common carp. 
“Stenhill is a 1.5-acre lake that contains over a hundred carp and very spectacular they are too,” explains Chilly. “I fished my 10mm and 14mm Hybrid boilie and Response Pellet approach and it didn’t let me down.”
Chilly approached the session with 12lb Illusion fluorocarbon mainline down to a Slik Lead Clip attached to a 3oz flat pear lead. The hook link was six inches of Cortex strippable braid, no-knotted to a size 8 Arma Point SSC hook with a long hair armed with a Hybrid dumbbell hook bait tipped with fake corn. This was attached to a small PVA mesh bag of 10mm and 14mm boilies and Response Pellets. 
“In all I introduced about eight kilos of my mix over the session and although I couldn’t fish full on because of filming, the carp responded well. Stenhill is an amazing little fishery that provided us with one of the most exciting ‘Chilly On Carp’ programmes we have done with The Carp Channel so far.”