The second round of the Boddington Classic saw a cold start on the Daventry based reservoir. However, this quickly passed and the lakes resident carp could be seen cruising at range before the start, but would they feed?

Most anglers chucked long at the start and most notably Lee Carver on peg 80, who netted three carp on a long hybrid chuck inside the first hour. However, it was soon apparent that the fish wanted to be up in the water and Both David Burley and Nigel Franklin could be seen to be taking fish shallow. David had a run of three before fishing underneath them on a method and Nigel could be seen steadily catching on peg 86, the first one into the trees.
Moving later into the match it was certainly the mid 80’s and low 90’s that were producing some fish, with late surges from Alan Chadbone and Mike Dalziel, who were both taking fish expertly on the pellet waggler.

At the all-out it was clear it was going to be a two-horse race between Nigel and David up on peg 100. First to weigh was Nigel who needed four weighs for his 132lb 3oz, which were mostly waggler caught fish and then it was down to David. David’s fish had slowed in the later part of the match and unfortunately only needed three weighs for his 115lb 15oz. Rounding out the top three was Mike Dalziel, who also put a net of waggler carp together with 87lb 1oz.

Section Winners:

A- Robert Cooksey – 40lb 15oz
B- Neil Russell- 35lb 4oz
C- Glenn Maxwell- 13lb 11oz
D -Terry Fowkes – 27lb 8oz
E- John McNicholas – 17lb 10oz
F- James Lewis – 41lb 9oz
G- Alan Chadbone – 67lb 3oz
H- Nigel Franklin- 132lb 3oz
I- Mike Dalziel 87lb 1oz
J-David Burley 115lb 15oz

The AT would like to thank all the anglers that assisted with weighing duties on the day and for the continued support from the Canal and River Trust.