The Dynamite Baits AT/CRT Canal Pairs kicked off in style this weekend in the picturesque Leicestershire countryside at Foxton. Sixteen pairs lined the banks of the two sections and were treated to some glorious weather, even though overnight temps had sunk a little.

The Foxton section had a few favourable spots notably the two ends and bang in the middle of the section near the spillway. Even before the match bream and skimmers could be seen in the middle of the section in the shallow water. James Draculic made the most of his draw and went about putting a cracking net of skimmers and bream together on the edges of the bushes.

A steady approach of squatt and groundbait took most of the fish, as they seemed to back off bigger baits. At the all-out James had stormed the section with 14lb 3oz, but would his partner Dave back him up? Pegged next to him on peg 9 was Martin Colver, who also made the most of the skimmers and bream across and ended his match on 8lb 5oz. Third in the section was James Lewis, who luckily picked up a 2lb bream and some skimmers for 5lb 14oz 8drams.

The Stables section of the match was a different affair, with fewer bonus fish to be caught. It was Ian Orbell who took this section from peg 6. His small fish prowess paid dividends, as he put together a lovely net of roach and skimmers. Chasing him all the way was Simon Mottram who needs no introduction on the canal, Simon also fished a squatt match and at the weigh in had amassed an impressive 4lb 1oz. Importantly third on the section was David Tebbutt, drawing peg 1 in the short pound, David’s also had a busy day of roach, with the odd perch thrown in for 4lb 0oz. This gave James and Dave a near perfect score of 30 points and saw them qualify first.

The remaining two pairs tied with the two Simon’s Mottram and Preece, and Ian Orbell and Barry Smith on 28 points. A weight countback saw the Simon’s win by 4oz, but both pairs went through with three qualifiers at this match.

The Angling Trust would like to thank Ivor Stokes and Peter Laughton at WDNAC for a superbly run qualifier. The next set of qualifiers is on the Staffs and Worcester and the Gloucester and Sharpness on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of June.

If you want to get involved in some of this fantastic canal action, all the remaining qualifiers and tickets are available through our booking system.


1. James Draculic and David Tebbitt 30 points
2. Simon Preece and Simon Mottram 28 points (7lb 8oz)
3. Ian Orbell and Barry Smith 28 points (7lb 4oz)