Cob House Fishery had a smashing bank holiday weekend, with both venue records being smashed and two pool records blown out of the water – including a near 400lb weight.

The venue record was broken by Scott Jones on Wyatt’s pools with a massive 392-2 on Saturday 28th August with back up weights of 327-11, 218-4, 215-13, 139-8 and then on Monday 30th August Bob Baker broke the pool record on the long standing Laugherne Island pool with a massive 313-10.  Wyatt’s was still throwing up excellent weights with 266-5 being the winning one on that day.

This fishery is has a new fully disabled accessible centre, Café, Shop and Teaching Centre, and recently opened Wyatt’s, which seems to be breaking records hand over fist, is possibly the first in the country to have every one of the 30 pegs fully accessible.

Helen Taylor Fishery owner said: “It’s been a phenomenal weekend, the pools are fishing so well and with two records being broken this weekend alone, there is plenty more to come from Cob House yet!”

Cob House offers the anglers the chance to fish their pools during the week for only £4 when they purchase full English in the Café for only £3.75 including complimentary toast and tea/filter coffee.

Standard day tickets are £6 for adults and £5 for concessions.

Cob House is on the B4204, Worcester to Martley Road, 3 miles from Worcester City.

Results for Open Monday 30th August 2010

Held on both Laugherne Island (L) and Wyatt’s (W)  24 Anglers

New Pool Records for Laugherne Island Today taken by Bob Baker and again top weights from Wyatt’s pool.

Bob Baker  L  313-10
Jason Elwell  W  266-5
John Watson  W  264-5
Mich R   W  193-6
Barry Hill  L  125-0
Andy Taylor  L  132-9
Gary S   W  116-15
Dave Butler  W  176-14
Chris Phipps  W  145-13
Chris Fox  W  185-4
Paul Dutton  L  55-8
Scotty Poynton  L  133-1
Glugger   W  140-7
Dave Rutter  W  129-8
Frank Smith  L  48-15
James Wood  W  206-11
Tommo   L  87-7
Dave   W  101-5
Payno   W  203-11
Swainy   L  158-1
Pete Goulding  L  130-13