Daiwa’s Caldia is part of their flagship range of front drag reels and have spawned from decades of design and manufacturing experience.

Daiwa’s pedigree really shines through with the Caldia due to its feature rich design and high end manufacturing processes. This aesthetically stunning reel incorporates Mag Sealed and Air Rotor as well as the prestigious Digigear, which makes this reel ultra-smooth, powerful and extremely durable.

The Caldia boasts a high gear ratio and 5 top quality stainless bearings to make this reel a true angling weapon. Due to its large line capacity and high retrieval rate the Caldia is perfect for float fishing and long distance feeder fishing. The reels super smooth and precise clutch means playing large fish on light lines is child’s play and puts the fun back into battling large specimens.

The modern aesthetics of the Caldia are stunning, but this is down to personal preference. Its sleek body and silver/chrome finish with carbon and gold trim conforms to current trends but may not be to everyone’s liking due to it being very ‘bling’. The styling has been designed to appeal to the angler who wants something a little different.

Overall the Daiwa Caldia is a feature rich performance machine, which is wrapped in a stunning body that has already proved to be hugely popular with the match and pleasure fishing fraternity. If you are looking for a top end piece of fishing tackle that is oozing with features and quality then Daiwa’s Caldia is well worth considering.

Daiwa Caldia Reel front dragDaiwa Caldia Reel build quality