1st December 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Croft/Reed (18 pegs)
A Berisford (Map leegem) Croft 2 53-4-0Arthur Berisford won this Sunday open from Croft pool peg 2. Arthur fished pva bag with micros and hair rigged corn for 6 carp and added 15lb of silvers on maggot
S Spurr (Retford) Reed 31 49-4-0Steve Spurr was second from reed 31. Steve fished groundbait feeder with 6mm banded pellet for carp to 3lb
S Robbins (Map Leegem) Croft 5 33-8-0Steve fished long pole and pellet for carp and skimmers
S Gray (Worksop) Reed 12 29-14-0
I Jowell (Map Leegem) Reed 33 24-15-0

1st December 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 silverfish League
Moat/Bridge Pools (32Pegs)
I Donaldson (Notts) Br Isl 13 18-10-0With over 25 anglers breaking double figures this silverfish league continues to produce some cracking nets. Ian Donaldson won the match from bridge island 13 fishing both short and long with caster and pellet. Ian caught roach and skimmers
G Mumby (Hallcroft) Br Isl 24 16-12-0Gary Mumby fished caster over groundabit at 13m for a mainly roach dominated net
B Poole (Bag Em) Moat Out 26 14-13-0Bob also fished caster for his roach and skimmer net
P Bagshaw (Barnsley Blacks) Moat Isl 43 14-12-0A Payling (Peg One) Moat Isl 40 14-10-0

30th November 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat (26 Pegs)
J Barningham (Lincoln Whisby) Island 29 30-2-0
John Barningham won this low weight affair from island 29. John fished pellet cone with hair rigged corn to the aerator for 6 carp and a few skimmers
D Oldham (Maltby) Island 20 19-1-0Daz fished pole and pellet at 13m over micros and 4mm for 2 carp and some skimmers
A Oldham (Frenzee) Island 17 18-2-0Andy fished caster over groundbait at 7m and 14m for roach perch and skimmers
N Potter (Hallcroft) Island 14 15-14-0
M Thorpe (Hallcroft) Outer 69 13-8-0

28th November 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets Open
Bridge/Croft pools (32 Pegs)
R Holmes (Notts AA) Br Isl 16 56-13-0Bridge pool was the lake to be on for this thursday vets as the top 5 all came from it. Leading the way was Roger Holmes from bridge Island 16. Roger fished pole and pellet at 12m for carp and skimmers
L Hewison (Map Leegem) Br Out 41 55-10-0Lee also opted for long pole and pellet fishing a 6mm expander over micros for carp to 8lb
R Turner (Retford) Br Out 29 54-3-0Reg alternated pellet and caster on the pole for a mixed net of carp and silvers
D Sewell (James Maude AC) Br Outer 34 53-4-0
P Bagshaw (Barnsley Blacks) Br Isl 26 44-12-0

26th November 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Reed (11 Pegs)
K Baxter (Mosborough) 14 23-14-0With a heavy frost and the colour dropping out of the water conditions were hard for this match on reed pool. Kev Baxter fished a small feeder with groundbait, pellets and hair rigged corn for 12 carp to 2lb
J Masson (Colmic/Marukyu) 31 19-14-0Jamie alternated tip and pole and pellet for his second place weight of 19lb
D Oldham (Maltby) 37 17-12-0Daz fished long pole and pellet feeding micros and 4mm for 10 small carp
S Butler (Maltby) 11 12-12-0
N Wood (Hallcroft) 31 11-10-0