Tuesday 7th June 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Pool (18 Pegs )
1st P Wright (Fishing Republic) peg Outer 107 98-5-0
Paul fished up in the water at 13m with 4mm feed pellet for carp to 8lb
2nd J Masson (Maver/Maryuku) peg Outer 104 76-12-0
Jamie also fished shallow but with meat for his weight of 76lb
3rd M Hall (Tuxford) peg Outer 110 74-2-0
Mick fished up in the water and into the margins with corn for carp to 10lb
4th N Wood (Hallcroft) 48-15-0
Daiwa Hallcroft Trade Match
Moat Island/Outer/Canal (91 pegs)
1 P Allton (Ted Carters) Peg Moat Outer 10 84-2-0
Phil Allton was the winner of this well attended annual Daiwa Trade Match. Phil caught mainly carp to 6lb fishing up in the water at 13m with pellet and meat
2 J White (Sub Fish) Peg Moat Outer 14 65-2-0
Jason followed suit to the winner but used the waggler also with pellet for carp to 9lb
3 M Ulyett(Wickersley) Peg Canal 10 61-12-0
Martin Ulyett was best weight off the canal fishing pellet and paste to the far bank over micro feed
4 A Borden 61-0-0 ; 5 E Buxton (Leegem) 60-2-0 6 M Holmes (Fishermens Friend) 59-6-0
Thursday 9th June 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open
Bridge/Croft Pool (36 Pegs)
1st A Sellars(Bankside) peg Br Island 18 84-2-0
With the fish still with spawning on their mind fishing was tougher than of late.Andy Sellars won he fished up in the water with both waggler and pole and meat for 15 carp to 8lb
2nd P Schoof(Hallcroft) peg Br Island 4 46-10-0
Paul fished paste over pellet and hemp feed for carp to double figures
3rd B Rance (Retford) peg Croft 25 38-14-0
Barry fished caster and maggot over ground bait for tench,skimmers and 4 carp
4th G Bennett (Map Mansfield) 37-4-0 5th D Clegg (Brittania) 37-0-0
Friday 10th June 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Outer (34 Pegs)
1st R Teigh (Handsworth) peg 86 100-12-0
Rich Teigh achieved his ton plus weight with an impressive net of both skimmers and carp.Rich fished at 13m with meat up and down in the water for 60lb of skimmers and 6 carp to 8lb
2nd S Clark (Mansfield) peg 54 83-14-0
Ever consistent, Steve Clark came second Steve fished meat and hemp at 10m for carp to 12lb and later paste over ground bait in the margins.
3rd A Favill(Tuxford) peg 101 79-0-0
Andy also fished shallow meat and corn and caster in the margins for carp and skimmers
4th M Kilkenny(Hallcroft) 75-14-0 5th P Miles (Doncaster) 65-15-0
Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Saturday)
Bridge (25 pegs)
1 S Barraclough, Maver Barnsley, 112-4-0; peg outer 20 S Yorks
Shallow fishing was the tactic for this Saturday open on Bridge Pool and leading the way was Steve Barraclough from outer 20 who fed 6mm meat at 13m for 15 carp and 20lb of skimmers
2 D Dare, Syrus, 83-14-0; peg outer 35 S Yorks
Second was Dave Daze on outer 35. He also fished shallow meat but added carp and skimmers from the margins on worm
3 C Parsisson, Woodseats, 75-11-0; peg island 7 S Yorks
Third placed Colin Parsisson fished up in the water with pellet from island 7
4 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 73-4-0; S Yorks 5 P Bagshaw, Maver Barnsley, 51-2-0; Derbys 6 G Brown, Daiwa Hallcroft, 50-4-0; Notts
7 S Robbins, Notts
8 G Gibson, Notts
Daiwa Hallcroft Winter League (Sunday)
Moat/Canal (22 pegs)
1 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 96-6-0; peg Canal 10 S Yorks
Andy Sellars, drawn on the Canal peg 10, fished long at 12m alternating meat and pellet for stockie carp to 2lb
2 D Dare, Syrus, 92-10-0; peg Canal 4 Notts
Second was Dave Downes, also on the Canal, and he fished paste at 8m over pellet again catching stockie carp
3 S Shepherd, Worksop, 90-13-0; peg M island 11 Notts
Steve Shepherd took third spot fishing paste at 8 and 10m from Moat island 11
4 B Sullivan, Goldthorpe, 88-8-0; S Yorks 5 G Gibson, Worksop, 83-8-0; Notts 6 G Hiley, Mansfield, 81-6-0; Notts
7 K Pacey, Lincs
8 D Oxley, Notts