Aussie member Dara Finnigan has set a new Australian match record in the country’s Trans Tasmanian series fished over two days on Lake Hume in New South Wales.

Dara weighed in a massive 157.5kg of carp and wild hybrids, fishing pole shallow at 9m and using form and pellet.
Amazingly that wasn’t enough to win the match, as Tony Howard also scored a perfect two section points but beat Dara over the two days on weight in a match with multiple 15lb plus weights.
The venue also hosted the Australian Teams of Four National a few days later, which was won by the Melbourne Gold team made up of T Howard, J Foxall, K Thomas, T Whelan.
Trans Tasmanian Fishing Match

Top 8 Overall
1st Tony Howard (AUS) 2 points… 177.600 kg
2nd Dara Finnegan (AUS) 2 points… 171.600 kg
3rd John Foxall (AUS) 3 points… 123.850 kg
4th Paul Joyce (AUS) 4 points …111.350 kg
5th Dave Dixon (NZ) 5 points…. 81.100 kg
6th Ivan Mitchell (AUS) 7 points… 103.800 kg
7th Mick Webb (AUS) 7 points…. 88.900 kg
8th Matt Sellen (NZ) 7 points…. 89.100 kg

Australian Nationals And Teams Of Four Event
Fish on same venue (Lake Hume NSW) April 2nd and 3rd
Carp, hybrids, perch on mostly Method feeder or waggler/pole on some sections
15 teams of 4 fished
Teams Top 5
1st Melbourne gold…… 33 points (T Howard, J Foxall, K Thomas, T Whelan)
2nd Beach Road Hotel Sydney …..52 points (D Brown, M Bryant, S Scott, D Arnold)
3rd BGT Sydney…..53 points (I Mitchell, D Finnegan, S Redmond, K Tomlinson)
4th NZ Shakers….63 points (A Deamer, D Dixon, D Fry, P Senior)
5th Woods floats…64 points (A Woods, L Markham, P Veal, C Beavis)
Top 8 Individuals
1st J Foxall (Melbourne Gold) 2 points…119.050kg
2nd A Woods (Wood Floats) 4 points…..160.9 kg
3rd K Thomas (Melbourne Gold) 4 points….122.20 kg
4th D Finnegan (BGT Sydney) 4 points…97.450 kg
5th P. Senior (NZ Shakers) 7 points…102.3 kg
6th H Emmett (Carrum Cowboys) 7 points
7th I Mitchell (BGT Sydney) 7 points
8th D Arnold (Beach Road Hotel Sydney) 8 points