Cornerstone AC Open Match
Grand Union Canal, Small Heath, Birmingham

With a club match taking up half the stretch, pegs were a bit tighter than normal.
But the stretch held up very well with five double figures bags for the 25-strong field, and the top ten all weighing in over 8lb.
Dave Brown drew peg 47 where he fished squatt and added a handful of hemp fish for an excellent winning 14-11-0.

1]Dave Brown, Tipton, 14-11-0
2]Paul Turner, Tipton, 12-0-0
3]Keith Ward, Kamasan Starlets, 11-5-3
4]Bruce Birch, Four Ashes, 10-14-9
5]Keith Hulland, Eclipse, 10-9-6
6]Andy Swift, Browning MG, 10-8-14
7]Mal Howard Cornerstone, 9-6-4
8]Simon Priest, 9-5-2
9]Dennis Sumner, 8-12-10
10]Paul Murrin, Trabucco, 8-6-14

Section Winners
Andy Swift
Paul Murrin
Dave Mccall
Mal Howard
Keith Hulland