A new product that got plenty of attention at the 2008 Tackle and Guns Show at Stoneleigh, Warks was the Selecta Shot from Dinsmores.

The Midlands firm has been keen to develop its own branded product ranges over the last couple of years and has bought us the Scoop feeder, Super Soft Shot, Bungeee plummets, Auto Shot and Auto Styx and of course their Deep Cut Shot for use on the thicker lines we use on commercials these days.

Selecta Shot is aimed at anglers who struggle a bit with small shot. It might also find favour with those of us who tire of shot spilling everywhere out of poorly designed dispensers, because it cuts right down on waste.

The system revolves around a ‘feed channel’ with a ridged groove running down the centre.

You open the circular dispenser and tap it until the shot in the groove locate themselves onto the ridge.

Your shot are now all neatly lined up like soldiers, and you just pick them up with the supplied pincers and squeeze them onto the line. Simple, and effective.

It’s available for shot sizes 8,10 and 11 with each dispenser retailing at £4.99 each.