A week long session has seen Andre Komornicki from London catch a 91lb Carp and set a new world record for the largest Mirror ever caught.
Fishing Luke Moffats Water, Les Graviers, France, Andre caught the record fish whilst fishing with Greys 12ft 6” 3lb Test Curve Platinum Carp Rods.
Taking ten minutes to land, ‘The Scarred Mirror’ was caught on a week long fishing holiday and was weighed, independently verified and photographed by two people.
Andre tempted the fish using Bait Craft T1, 17LB Korda Adrenaline, Korda Long shank hook and 3oz square pear lead with mantis hook link.
The fish came from under the tree lined far margin around 50 yards out in 8ft of water using a blow back rig.
Andre said:
“It really hasn’t sunk in that I now hold the world record for the largest Mirror ever caught – the fish was enormous!
 “As we were on holiday, any fish that came out of the session was a bonus.“
Andre also caught ten other fish during the session, with a further three breaking the magical 50lb barrier, they weighed; 63lb, 56lb, two at 50lb, 40lb, 37lb, 33lb, 32lb, 29lb and a 27lb.