Dynamite Bait Festival 2005


Day five – The Final


Well what an exciting week, all change on the leader board and all change with the weather, as we headed into the final day the forecast did not look good, heavy rain and strong wind did their best to hamper the fishing conditions but did nothing to dampen the anglers spirits. Peter Chandler from Dynamite baits has been busy setting up the stage and Matt Hayes is here to do tonight’s presentation.

All anglers fishing the festival got two dynamite goodie bags at Fridays draw and the rest of tonight’s prizes are as follows.


10th place receives £200

9th place receives £250

8th place receive £300

7th place receives £400

6th place receives £500

5th place receives £600

4th place receives £700

3rd place receives £1000, Dynamite Bait voucher and trophy.

2nd place receives £1500, Dynamite Bait voucher and trophy

1st place receives £3000, Dynamite Bait voucher and trophy


So read on for the final days action, who is the Dynamite Bait champion 2005?




For the second week running Bolingey has fished exceptional well, with weights of 90lb plus every day. Today’s overall lake winner is Chris Davis, Chris fished down the edge using meat to feed from peg 45 to weigh in with 99ln 8oz. Steve Ringer picks up second on the lake, Steve on peg 33 fished the ground bait feeder and meat on the 6 meter pole to weigh in with 86lb 2oz. Third on the lake is Simon Colclough, Simon fished the waggler and pellet from peg 21 to weigh in with 77lb 2oz.


Section Winners


Chris Davies                 9          points               99lb 8ox

Steve Ringer                 9          points               86lb 2oz

Bob Rand                     9          points               46lb 2oz

Simon Gould                 9          points               44lb 7oz




Pollawyn is still on top form and despite the harsh wind for most of the day some very respectable weights were still caught. First on the lake goes to Pete Joiner, Pete fished shallow with pellet from peg 26 to weigh in with 90lb 1oz. John Holdsworth takes second on the, John weighed in with 87lb 10oz caught from peg 43. Third on the lake comes from peg 27 where John Larraman had a great days fishing weighing in with 79lb 20z.

Section Winners


Pete Joiner                   9          points               90lb 1oz

John Holdsworth           9          points               87lb 10oz

Paul Blinkhorn   9          points               65lb 2oz

Mark Cullerton   9          points               31lb 4oz


Twin Oaks/Trelawney


Neil McKinnon takes the overall section win from peg 23 on Trelawney, Neil fished shallow on the pole to weigh in with 117lb 15oz. Second goes to Steve Cooke on peg 14 twin oaks, Steve fished the feeder across to weigh in with 95lb 8oz. John Chapman takes third overall from peg 21 on Trelawney, John fished across on the pole to weigh in 72lb 1oz.


Section Winners


Neil McKinnon   9          points               117lb 15oz

Steve Cooke                 9          points               95lb 8oz

Andy Haynes                9          points               60lb 15oz

Tony Wynnick    9          points               53lb 4oz




Despite a tough couple of weeks on the lake some good weights have still been caught. Karl Webster on peg 28 takes first overall with 65lb 13oz. Richie Hull picks up second on the lake with 50lb 9oz caught from peg 14. Third on the lakes goes to Dean Barlow, Dean on peg 31 weighed in with 42lb 5oz.


Section winners


Karl Webster                 9          points               65lb 13oz

Richie Hull                     9          points               50lb 9oz

Steve Sanders              9          points               41lb 14oz

Ken Russell                   9          points               29lb 7oz




The match started late on port as overnight the engine was stolen from the boat but with generous contributions from all the anglers and a dash to get a new engine things went ahead as normal. Steve Burgess took overall first on the lake from peg 73; Steve fished the pole catching big bream to weigh in with a total of 50lb 13oz. Two pegs away saw Tim Rowe take second on the lake again fishing on the pole from peg 75 to weigh in with 36lb 7oz. Only two ounces behind and sandwiched between the other winners was Geoff Ogden on peg 74, Geoff fished the feeder and the pole to weigh in 36lb 5oz and take third on the lake.


Section Winners


Steve Burgess              9          points               36lb 5oz

Paul Greenwood            9          points               21lb 11oz

Andrew Dare                 9          points               19lb 8oz

Thomas Pickering          9          points               13lb 8oz


Dynamite Festival 2005 – The Winners.


Taking this years title is a very deserved Harry Billing, Harry has a great weeks fishing with total points of 43 and total weight of 305lb 11oz dropping his worst result leaving him with 35 points 29olb 7oz. Second for the second week running goes to Steve Ringer, once again Steve has had a great week with total points and weight of 43 points 241lb 6oz dropping his worst result leaving him also on 35 points but with a lower weight of 219lb. Taking third place is John Chapman, Johns total result was 42 points 275lb 11oz but with dropping his worst result again leaves him on 35 points and a weight of 261lb 5oz.


Overall Top 10


1st Harry Billing 35         points               290lb 7oz                   

2nd Steve Ringer            35         points               219lb

3rd John Chapman         35         points               261lb 5oz

4th Tommy Pickering      35         points               325lb 14oz

5th Steve Sanders          34         points               338lb 7oz

6th Kerry Kirkwood         34         points               153lb 12oz

7th Andy Lloyd   34         points               564lb 4oz

8th Darren Stayne           34         points               237lb 8oz

9th Dave Pimlott             33         points               184lb 6oz

10th Gary Webber           33         points               187lb 3oz


A huge thanks to all the anglers taking part in the festival and also to Dynamite Baits, without whom we would be unable to hold the festival.

All the staff here at White Acres hope you agree with us when we say once again it has been a fantastic week and see you in 2006.