The UK’s leading bait manufacturer, Dynamite Baits, has officially launched its new-look website .

The site has been in development for over six months. The brief was simple: to create the ultimate angling website and provide an interactive and informative layout, rather than just an ‘online catalogue’ of Dynamite Baits products.

To make the web page as fresh as possible it will be ‘news’ and ‘feature’ driven and updated at least two or three times a day with the latest stories and fish-catching features from Dynamite’s big name stars including the likes of Terry Hearn, Steve Ringer and Mick Brown. In addition; angler blogs, ‘How-to’ sequences and videos will be uploaded on a weekly basis. This will enable to quickly become THE site for anglers to visit for all things Dynamite, and more importantly, all things angling.

This is just the start. Very soon you will also find a Dynamite E-Zine, exclusive features and further ‘tactical’ videos available online.

At present, it is still very much a work in progress and there are many more interesting and exciting plans likely to come to fruition in the near future.
The initial site has been launched in English but already certain areas have been translated to French, Italian, Dutch and German to cater for Dynamite’s massive European following. In time, we will expand these multi-lingual sections so that the complete site can be viewed in a range of languages, helping to enhance the knowledge of anglers across Europe.

Further languages: including Japanese, Russian and Polish will also be added in the near future. This will enable Dynamite to promote its baits on a Global scale and help the company expand into new markets, offering support to its extensive distribution network.

This is aided massively by the comprehensive product information section that details all products in the Dynamite range. The copy for this section has been translated into all languages so that no matter who visits the site, they can find out everything they need to know about the product range.
Input from Dynamite’s team of anglers will be invaluable in ensuring the site becomes the number one website within the angling industry.

You will be able to follow the likes of Mark Pollard, Jim Shelley, Darran Goulder and several more through the frequently updated ‘Angler Blogs’ section. Our team of sponsored aces will also regularly chip in to offer advice on the forums which have been divided into four categories; coarse, carp, match and predator so that anglers can communicate with like-minded individuals.

It’s also the first time that Dynamite Baits has included video content on its website. The company has recently extended its marketing team and one member of staff will be dedicated to producing video content, starting in 2011. This will bring the site to life and enable complicated subjects to be explained thoroughly by our team of anglers.

Add to this a photo gallery where the site users can have their pictures featured, regular competitions to win bait prizes, an interactive ‘Find a retailer’ feature and all of the latest product news from Dynamite Baits, and you will realise that the new site is definitely worth a look.

Log on to to see for yourselves!