Follow The Fly takes you on a fishing journey through Ireland and visits some of the most famous trout loughs in the Emerald Isle, during a magical period in the anglers’ calendar when the mayfly are hatching and the fish feed aggressively.

Along the way Richie and Charlie meet some great characters and angling guides, who help in putting the lads on the right lough at the right time. Narrated by Niall Toibin, we see them using all the tried and tested methods in search of their quarry – dapping the natural mayfly; dry fly fishing in calm conditions and we see trout take wet fly, in a lovely rolling wave.


The cream of it all is to see wild trout feeding on spent mayfly; and yes you will see it all in ‘Follow the Fly’.

The life cycle of the mayfly is covered in great detail with great close up shots of the mating and egg laying… and some of Ireland’s most experienced guides are on hand to pass on the vital information needed to be successful.

Follow The Fly will be invaluable to both the visiting, experienced angler and for those starting off in this wonderful sport and Part Four is available in the current issue of ‘Game Fisher’s Diary’ – the video magazine for dedicated fly anglers, here on this website.