IT’S National Fishing Month and you are invited to take a friend fishing with the FREE ONE-DAY ROD LICENCE VOUCHERS printed in Angler’s Mail magazine.

YOU OR YOUR FISHING PARTNER WILL SAVE £3.75…so don’t miss out!

Angler’s Mail magazine editor Tim Knight said: ‘This is one of the best ways that YOU, as an angler, can do something during National Fishing Month… simply getting someone else along with you, to try our great sport.

‘Or maybe, you know someone who hasn’t fished for way too long?

‘The free one-day rod licence voucher will save whoever you take any hassle, for one day… and you could get them hooked for life!’ he added.

The free rod licence voucher is worth £3.75 and is in this week’s exciting Angler’s Mail issue, plus next week’s too. It’s brought to you, exclusively, thanks to the Environment Agency, in conjunction with National Fishing Month and the Angling Trades Association.