Garbolino does some great rods these days that are, thanks to the work of Darren Cox and his team, designed perfectly to suit the demands of UK commercial fisheries.

The Super Squad Picker fits firmly into the ‘affordable’ bracket and I’d call this a light-to-medium rod ideal for fishing the lead and a light to medium feeder, but not really up to the job of Method work.

It’s short too at either nine or ten feet, ideal for those tight swims with a lot of overhead tree cover, or for windy days which render a long feeder rod next to useless.

Plus with any of the three tips in, both sections are the same length, so it’s a great rod for leaving set up in a rod sleeve – so important to many anglers these days.

The rod has quite a through-action and certainly a lovely soft tip, so you can fish remarkably light. All three tips are fiberglass and complement this softish action, while recommended hooklength is up to 4lb and down to as low as 12oz – so you can imagine using this on a mixed commercial fishery when you are going to catch skimmers with the odd carp thrown in, or on winter days when you have to fish lighter than you might want to get bites in the knowledge that a carp might come along.

A new addition to the Squad range which is noted for excellent value for money, the Squad Super Picker has an RRP of only £36.99 at either length.


Lengths/Weights: 9ft (190gr) or 10ft (210gr)

Price: £36.99

Handle: Cork/Duplon

Reel Seat: Screw Fit

Tips: Three fibreglass


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