A super-slim, matt-finished blank is one of the first things to strike you about the Vantage Carp range of rods from Chub, but the really striking thing when you use it is the sheet power.

Lightweight and well balanced, the Chub Academy teams is particularly proud of the power to weigh ratio and with a middle to tip action, the range certainly pack a punch in the casting department, while retaining a soft enough tip to minimise hook pulls.

Exceptional features include anodized reel collars, double-leg, braid-safe SIC guides throughout, carbon line clip and reel seat with isotope slot. The abbreviated handle is noteworthy for a Japanese shrink wrap butt grip and anosided butt cap.

There are two lengths and five test curves in the range, up to 3.5lb, with selling prices for what’s an outstanding looking rod from about £90 to £120 at the time of writing. All the rods carry Chub’s Worldwide Extended Warranty.


Lengths/test curves: 12ft, 2.5lb; 12ft, 2.75lb; 12ft, 3lb; 12ft, 3.5lb; 13ft, 3.5lb

RRPs: From £129.99 to £149.99

Website: www.chubfishing.com

Tackle Shops: /tackleshop.aspx