Overall winner from the RiverFest qualifier held on the River Severn at Bridgnorth on Saturday 24th September 2016 was Hadrian Whittle (Starlets) on peg 30 weighing in 19lb 12oz.

Top 6 results;
1st Hadrian Whittle (Starlets) 19lb 12oz peg 30 – brace barbel 3 chub.
2nd Liam Darler (Browning Hotrods) 18lb 3oz peg 28 – brace barbel one chub.
3rd Dave Lloyd (BAS) 16lb 5oz peg 46.
4th Geoff Maguire (B/Ham) 14lb 8oz peg 192 all dace whip.
5th Rich Duke (Midd Severn) 14lb peg 105.
6th Ady Paddock (Chester Tackle Locker) 13lb 14oz peg 61.

Qualifiers for the RiverFest grand final in November on the River Wye are;
Zone A Hadrian Whittle.
Zone B Rich Duke.
Zone C Geoff Maguire.

Many thanks to BAS open match secretary Rosa Bailey, Assistant Lorna and all the stewards.