Teams of 4 silverfish league.

Overall Team Results as follows:

1st Northern Inn, (Phil Morgan, Ian Littlewood, Marc Foy and Chris Greensides)  – 73 points winning the league for the second year in a row.

2nd Daiwa Drawbags – 80 points

3rd Dynamite Baits – 83 points

4th Daiwa Sensas – 97 points

5th Sullivan’s Slappers – 100 points

6th Fifty Shades of Grey – 110 points


Regards Nick at Hallcroft Fishery


28th February 2016 Sunday Open Match

Reed Pool – 12 pegs

•             N Vernon, Gainsborough



A tougher match on Reed Pool this week. Neil Vernon took the honours with a net of carp caught on expander pellet on the pole at 10m.

•             D Boswell, Bryden AC



Dave Boswell fished a pellet feeder to the island to catch carp too 4lbs and second spot.

•             T Brown, Leegem



•             A Berisford, Leegem






28th February 2016 Sunday Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 Silverfish League Final Round

Moat/Bridge/Croft Pool – 44 pegs

•             S Clark, Daiwa Drawbags

B Isl 26


This final round of the teams of 4 finished with a close match today, with 10lbs plus of silvers needed to win every section. Steve Clark helped his team to overall second spot in the League with the victory today. Steve caught on long pole and maggot over groundbait.

•             B Holmes, Dynamite Baits

Croft 19


Ben Holmes took second place on the day with a nice mixed net of silvers taken on long pole and casters over groundbait.

•             G Gibson, Max Tackle

Croft 23


Gordon Gibson edged third spot fishing pellet on the pole to catch mainly skimmers at 10m.

•             C Greenside, Northern Inn

B Isl 23


•             R Landells, Daiwa Sensas

B Out 28






27th February 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat (21 Pegs)

•             A Sellars, R AND R Sports

Outer 2


Andy Sellars drew fancied peg 2 on moat outer and fished long pole to the reeds all match for 12 carp to 10lb on corn and pellet

•             C Greenside, Dynamite

Island 13


Chris Greenside fished pole and caster at 12m for an impressive 33lb of skimmers and later added 3 carp on pellet for 2nd place

•             A Berisford, Leegem

Outer 94


Arthur Berisford fished pellet cone for 4 carp and a few skimmers

•             J Barningham, Fantackletastic

Outer 98


•             G Gibson, Leegem

Island 17






25th February 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat (25 Pegs)

•             I Donaldson, Notts

Island 40


Ian Donaldson won this low weight affair from Island 40. Ian fished feeder with pellet and corn for carp and skimmers

•             D Clegg, DJK tackle

Island 49


Dick Clegg alternated pole and maggot and feeder for carp and skimmers and 29lb 11oz

•             G Hiley, Mansfield

Outer 21


Geoff Hiley fished long pole with maggot over groundbait for 3 carp and a few silvers

•             A Payling, Peg One

Island 50


•             P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks

Outer 36






21st February 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 silverfish League

Moat/Bridge/Croft (44 Pegs)

•             I Littlewood, Northern Inn

Croft 6


This league continues to go from strength to strength with double figure nets well spread over the complex. Ian Littlewood won from croft 6 with an all skimmer net on pole and pellet

•             G Hiley, Mansfield

Br Isl 43


Geoff Hiley fished caster and maggot over groundbait from bridge island13 for skimmers and roach

•             W Spencer , Maltby

Moat Isl 40


Wayne Sprencer fished caster and maggots short also for roach and skimmers

•             J Kelly, Doncaster

Br Out 34


•             G Tomlinson, Retford

Croft 0