Auto Shot is a revolutionary device for attaching micro shot to line. This is a fantastic product for all anglers, especially those whose sight isn’t what it used to be who may have trouble using small shot.

The red Auto Shot comes with un-cut Super Soft Shot which feeds from a well into a chamber, where it’s perfectly cut every time using the press-down steel pin in the applicator. It’s then a simple process of inserting taught line into the slot and pressing down on the side lever to attach it to the line.

Auto shot comes with a full vial of uncut Super Soft Shot in sizes 8, 10 and 11. The No8s can be attached to line up to 0.18mm, the No10s up to 0.15mm and the No11s up to 0.12mm.

For how to use Dinmores Auto Styx device, CLICK HERE.