A Birmingham Angler has hit the angling headlines with what’s thought to be the biggest brace of eels ever caught by design.

Nick Rose was fishing a secret venue that had not previously produced a single eel for him in three years of trying, when a monster 9lb 2oz eel took his popped up lobworm bait at 9.30pm. This fish measured 46 inches long with girth of 11 inches and smashed the National Anguilla Club member’s personal best by over 4lb.
Nick (57) could not get back to sleep after that and was enjoying a cup of tea at 3.30am when his alarms registered another take, this time resulting in another incredible eel weighing 8lb 2oz. The current eel record has stood at 11lb 2oz since 1978 and any eel over 5lb is regarded as a serious specimen.