When you have fished for as long as John Wilson, for as many species in as many locations, it’s probably actually quite tricky to pick out your 501 favourite tips.

That might sounds ridiculous to a non-angler or an inexperienced angler. But as John states in his forward, even after 60 years he’s learning something new every single time he goes fishing. The book is broken down into 26 chapters across 134 pages, the tips illustrated with a series of mainly John’s own photographs, old and new, and some diagrams.

Twenty of the most popular freshwater species are covered in turn, and while I found the layout a bit difficult in places, it’s a personal view and the actual content is excellent, with something for all skill levels of angler.

Aside from the species chapters, which cover coarse and game fish, there’s a dedicated section on fishing in Ireland, with boat fishing on the drift and at anchor also covered in depth. John also passes on his thoughts on rods, reels, lines and end tackle in turn, while also giving baits, groundbaiting and lures their own sections.

While much of the content is aimed at helping you catch more fish with John drawing from his experience in the UK and in much more exotic locations, there are also some more down-to-earth but equally important gems of advice for anglers, such as how John keeps warm on sub-zero fishing trips, and what he does when instant hot food is required. Also includes some advertising.


John Wilson’s 501 Fishing Tips ‘MagBook’



ISBN: 1-906372-95-0

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