Dinsmores is one of the few British firms still making fishing tackle and they continue to innovate.

The latest release, Selecta Shot, is designed around making shot easier to put on the line without using your teeth (bad practice, but many of us do it). A simple shake of the dispenser once opened with a simple turn of the drum will see a few shot fall into the recess, and then you just tap it until they all fall into the ‘feed channel’, groove down.

You can then pick them up one at a time with the pincer, which is easily stored under the Selecta Shot container, and pinch them onto your line.

One of the most important things to point out about this product is that the shot are ‘Thick Cut’ so even the smallest shot can be easily and securely placed onto the thick diameter lines we often need to use these days one commercials, and because the groove is deep they don’t pop off when the line’s under tension. The shot you don’t use go back into the dispenser easily enough too, so you don’t lose many.

Available in No8 (red), No10 (yellow) and No11 (green) sizes.

Price: £4.99

Tackle Shops: www.total-fishing.com/tackleshop.aspx

Gareth Purnell (Geepster)