Normal gloves are all but impossible to use efficiently when fishing because of all the fiddly bits, and with fingerless gloves, when it’s really cold you can end up feeling like your fingers are going to drop off any minute.

These sports gloves may be the answer, because they are tight fitting and made from a thin material that will allow you to perform most of the tricky jobs while still wearing your gloves. The Climatec ones are the ones you want.

These are fleece lined and wind resistant, but the outer is soft and you can easily pole fish in them for instance.

The Aquatec material itself has impressive wicking properties, drawing the inevitable moisture away from your skin. It’s water resistant rather than proof, and while your hands won’t stay dry, they won’t feel ‘falling off’ frozen either.

A Velcro strap on the thick elasticated cuff keeps the warmth in and the weather out. The other good bit of news is that they are machine washable and come with a 30-day guarantee if you are not happy with them.

* Gareth Purnell,

Product: MacWet Sports Gloves
Options: Climatec (for cold days), Micromesh (for warm days). Short and long cuff options available.
Colours: Black, green, navy, brown
Sizes: Full range of sizes including half sizes. Key is that they must be tight fitting.
Price: £29.99