Nottinghamshire’s River Idle is classic British small river country – this tributary of the River Trent is fast, clear and full of clever, wary chub and barbel.

Kev Green of ‘Predators’ fame is fishing with river ace Bob Roberts, who is his guide to free-lining on waters like this.

There can be no simpler way of fishing; no float, shots, feeder or terminal tackle other than a rod, line hook and hook bait.

This made-for-television programme from the ‘Fishing TV’ stable is all about fishing light and keeping on the move, creeping up on feature-filled swims and learning not to spook the fish, while building up their confidence with baits like bread and pellet.

It’s fantastic fishing, either watching fish take the bait, watching the line or feeling for any sort of bite – real Mr Crabtree stuff.

The programme is FREE TO VIEW in September’s issue of Coarse And Match Fishing Monthly, which is available here on this website – just click on the link below and use the arrows to scroll the playlist.

The show also includes some quite superb underwater footage of chub and barbel feeding – including proof that back leading isn’t doing quite what you think it is on rivers, and that if you spook one fish, you will spook the lot of them.

This is the final programme in the ten-part Improve Your Coarse Fishing series available at