We have reached the half way point on the festival, unfortunately for some it is “do or die” and the results can only prompt them to spend more time in the pub! For others it is head down and get on with it, as there are now a large number of anglers who have good points and be in contention for the title, lets see how the action unfolded.

Day Three

Day three saw some top weights across the board and although many pegs have been up and down throughout the week so far perhaps we are finally beginning to see consistency.

A Section Gwinear

Gwinear is still fishing well but unfortunately there are still some weak pegs in the sections but the anglers are making the best of what they have got and we are still seeing respectable weights. Karl Webster won the lake today with 113lb 5oz; Karl was on peg 25 and caught on the 16-meter pole with pellet. Second went to Gary Hamilton on peg 20 with 93lb 14oz, Gary caught in the water with pellet at 14.5 meters. Neil Daniels fished corn down the edge from peg 27 to take third with 86lb 8oz. Chas Ward had the next best weight on the lake with 86lb 4oz, Chas was on peg 37 and fished corn at 5 meters on the pole.

Section Winners

Karl Webster  9 points 113lb 5oz
Neil Daniels  9 points 86lb 8oz
Craig Ebberell  9 points 64lb 8oz
Richard Morley 9 points 38lb 10oz

B Section Porth

After yesterdays top weight, there was high hopes of tapping into the vast stock of bonus skimmers as apposed to the smaller silver fish. Martin Amos on peg 73 took the lake win today with 21lb 14oz, Martin fished on the groundbait feeder with red maggots and also on the pole at 16 meters with maggot over groundbait. Derek Willan had a weight of 17lb 7oz to take second, Derek was on peg 75 and caught on the feeder plus long and short on the pole. On peg 77 Will Raison was third on the lake, Will caught 3 bream on the feeder and 5lb on the pole. Richie Hull was on peg 37 and had the next best weight on the lake, Richie caught on the bomb with worm for a weight of 12lb 14oz.

Section Winners

Martin Amos  9 points 21lb 14oz
Richie Hull  9 points 12lb 14oz
Timmy Rowe  9 points 12lb 10oz
Tommy Hiller  9 points 8lb 14oz

C Section Bolingey

As the week goes on the weights are beginning to get better and better, there are no records being broken but the number of tons are increasing by the day 16 weights being recorded at over 90lbs. The lake winners today was Andy Geldart with 169lb 9oz, Andy caught all his fish on the pellet waggler from peg 21. 146lb 8oz took second on the lake and that came from Kieron Rich on peg 17; Kieron caught mostly on the pole with meat but also has some on the waggler with 8mm pellets. Mick Lees on peg 17 had a great weight of 134lb 12oz to take third, Mick caught long on the pole with meat and also down the edge on corn. The next best weight on the lake came from Steve Gerrard on peg 22, Steve caught on meat at 5 meters for a weight of 127lb 10oz.

Section Winners

Andy Geldart  9 points 169lb 9oz
Kieron Rich  9 points 146lb 8oz
Paul Blinkhorn 9 points 117lb 1oz
Steve Ringer  9 points 108lb 2oz

D Section Pollawyn

Pollawyn today was won narrowly by Grant Albutt on peg 28, Grant caught on the straight lead, pole and waggler all with meat/pellet totalling 19 fish for a weight of 107lbs. Second on the lake went to Tony Wynnick, Tony was on peg 18 and had 18 fish for a weight of 100lb 6oz caught on the bomb with 11mm expanders and 8 mil over the top.  Harry Billing was third with 81lb 12oz, Harry caught on the pole across with meat from peg 47. Steve Cook on peg 15 had the next best weight with 81lb 2oz, Steve caught on the meat feeder

Section Winners

Grant Albutt  9 points 107lb
Harry Billing  9 points 81lb 12oz
Steve Cooke  9 points 81lb 2oz
Les Boweren  9 points 27lb

E Section Trelawney/Python

The weights were not as good today but there were still plenty of fish to be caught and vital points to be gained. The lake today was won by Tom Scholey on Trelawney peg 18, Tom weighed in with 75lb 13oz caught on corn at 5 meters and corn to the island. Dave Hillier was second with 75lb 8oz; Dave was on peg 24 and caught shallow on the pole with pellet. On peg 26 Andy Dare took third with a weight of 74lb 5oz, Andy caught on the long pole with pellet. Jim Heasman on peg 16 had the next best weight with 60lb 1oz; Jim caught the majority of his fish on corn down the edge and a few on meat.

Section Winners

Tom Scholey  9 points 75lb 13oz
Dave Hillier  9 points 75lb 8oz
Alan Rutherford 9 points 58lb 14oz
Kevin Baxter  9 points 15lb 6oz

So day three is over and done, lets see how that has affected our overalls.

Overall Top Twenty

1st  Timmy Rowe  27 points 155lb 1oz
2nd  Steve Ringer  26 points 205lb
3rd  Colin Cook  25 points 179lb 13oz
4th  Martin Amos  25 points 159lb 15oz
5th  Mark Brown  25 points 154lb 1oz
6th  Jason Le Bosquet 24 points 335lb 12oz
7th  Mark Pleavin  24 points 251lb 7oz
8th  Tommy Pickering 24 points 223lb 6oz
9th  Kieron Rich  24 points 213lb 7oz
10th  Derek Willan  24 points 186lb 5oz
11th  Steve Cooke  24 points 157lb 2oz
12th  Dave Schofield 24 points 76lb
13th  Andy Geldart  23 points 273lb 9oz
14th  Nathan Watson 23 points 262lb 15oz
15th  Tony Wynnick 23 points 209lb 8oz
16th  Terry Harrison  23 points 155lb 11oz
17th  Danny Hallam  23 points 149lb 9oz
18th  Craig Ebberell  23 points 137lb
19th  Matthew Grant 23 points 130lb 2oz
20th  Adam Wakelin 22 points 295lb 13oz

So Tim Rowe is the only one on maximum points, can he keep up this great performance? The back up weights coming through the ranks and the points below him are rapidly closing in. The action hots up as we head into day four so come back soon to see how the penultimate day of the festival has affected our leader board.

Cheers, Kirsty



The festival has got off to a fairly shaky start with the fishing harder than anticipated, the anglers that are regular to the sight are puzzled by the lakes as those pegs and the lines they are used to fishing are not really producing the expected weights but over hearing snippets of conversations we get the feeling we are not the only fishery who has seen a vast change of performance throughout the year.
It is a real challenge for some and choosing the right approach to each peg is a key element lets see how day two of the festival unveiled.

Day Two

The conditions have been settled over the evening and the forecast is still for mild weather, after a promising start for some yesterday we shall now see how day two’s action has affect the overall results, do we have any early leaders and do we see a pattern of weights from certain pegs, read on for all the top catch actions from the day.

A Section Trelawney/Python

Once again Trelawney dominated the section for the lake money but the sections on Python are extremely tight with only the smallest of difference in weights making a big difference in points. The lake was won today by Karl Webster on peg 27; Karl fished on the long pole with pellet for a great weight of 139lb 8oz. Second on the lake went to Paul Greenwood with 83lb 4oz, Paul also fished pellet on the long pole and was on peg 26. Danny Hallam on his White Acres senior festival debut was third on the lake with 71lb 10oz; Danny was on peg 20 and caught down the edge on meat. On peg 30 Ben Leach had the next best weight of the day with 62lb 19oz, Ben caught approx 14 carp on the pole to the far bank with meat.

Section Winners

Karl Webster  9 points 139lb 8oz
Pete Mercer  9 points 52lb 14oz
Mark Brown  9 points 42lb 2oz
Colin Mullholland 9 points 26lb 9oz

B Section Gwinear

Gwinear today saw another straight section win for Timmy Rowe who also took the lake win with 101lb 7oz; Tim was on peg 27 and caught shallow on pellet. Second on the lake today went to Martin Amos on peg 2, Martin caught shallow at 6 meters on pellet for a weight of 96lb 13. Lol Summers on peg 17 was third on the lake with 86lb 7oz. 70lb 2oz was the next best weight of the day and that came from Pat Bailey on peg 25, Pat caught on the deck at 16 meters with pellet and then later on down the edge.

Section Winners

Timmy Rowe  9 points 101lb 7oz
Lol Summers  9 points 86lb 7oz
Mike Barlow  9 points 42lb 4oz
Nigel Bond  9 points 26lb 12oz

C Section Porth

Porth produced some better weights today and were fairly tight across the section with the exception of the lake winner Jimmy Kelly who had a great result on peg 78 taking the win with a whopping 49lb 14oz, Jimmy fished on the pole with worms & casters at 10 meters. Second went to Terry Harrison on peg 22, Terry fished on the feeder with worms for a weight of 24lb 8oz. Callum Dicks was third on the lake with 17lb 10, Callum was on peg 71 and caught on the groundbait feeder with worms. The next best weight came from Arthur Turner on peg 79 with 17lb 4oz, Arthur caught on the pole with corn.

Section Winners

Jimmy Kelly  9 points 49lb 14oz
Terry Harrison  9 points 24lb 8oz
Steve Ringer  9 points 13lb 2oz
Neil Machin  9 points 10lb 6oz

D Section Bolingey  

The Cornish fishing “Mecca” which is known as Bolingey is beginning to fish true to form with nearly a ton needed to be weighed to be in contention for a section win, the lake winning weights are no record breakers with it is still on line for a great week and the back up weights are very promising. Dave Cain on peg 45 was our lake winner today with an impressive 166lb 10oz; Dave fished on the long pole with pellet. Second on the lake went to Tommy Pickering with 157lb 12oz, Tommy was on peg 26 and caught down the edge and with the pellet waggler. Don Slaymaker was third; Don fished meat short from peg 19 for a weight of 150lb 14oz. Dean Smith on peg 42 had the next best weight with 126lb 4oz, Dean fished on the long pole with pellet and also short on meat.

Section Winners

Dave Cain  9 points 166lb 10oz
Don Slaymaker 9 points 138lb 11oz
Dean Smith  9 points 126lb 4oz
Sean Huggins  9 points 97lb 2oz

E Section Pollawyn

Pollawyn seems to be more on form today with some good weights coming from the high bank. The fishing is still harder in certain areas of the lake and some pegs are unlikely to be able to compete for the lake wins but they are also, like many of the other lakes, producing weights that are tight for section points. The lake winner today was Nathan Watson on peg 28, Nathan caught steadily on the pellet waggler for a weight of 142lb 15oz. Jason Le Bosquet took second with 127lb 1oz, Jason caught on the straight lead with pellet from peg 30. Third went to Adam Wakelin, Adam caught on the long pole with meat from peg 36 for a weight of 118lb 10oz. Mark Pleavin had the next top weight with 113lb 13oz, Mark was on peg 32 and caught shallow on meat.

Section Winners

Nathan Watson 9 points 142lb 15oz
Adam Wakelin 9 points 118lb 10oz
Mark Pleavin  9 points 113lb 13oz
Rob Brennan  9 points 53lb 14oz

So that was day two, let’s see what is has done to the overall results.

Overall Top Twenty

1st  Timmy Rowe  18 points 142lb 7oz
2nd  Mark Brown  18 points 103lb 9oz
3rd  Jason Le Bosquet 17 points 302lb 5oz
4th  Adam Wakelin 17 points 256lb 6oz
5th  Nathan Watson 17 points 230lb 13oz
6th  Colin Cook  17 points 164lb 10oz
7th  Craig Singleton 17 points 109lb 5oz
8th  Steve Ringer  17 points 96lb 14oz
9th  Callum Dicks  17 points 95lb 10oz
10th  Dave Schofield 17 points 72lb
11th  Mark Pleavin  16 points 193lb 2oz
12th  Derek Willan  16 points 168lb 14oz
13th  Tommy Pickering 16 points 168lb 6oz
14th  Martin Amos  16 points 138lb 1oz
15th  John Howell  16 points 195lb 10oz
16th  Matthew Grant 16 points 105lb 2oz
17th  Mark Teal  16 points 74lb 14oz
18th  Neil Machin  16 points 61lb 7oz
19th  Andy Powers  15 points 175lb 13oz
20th  Dave Cain  15 points 173lb 5oz

So Tim & Mark are the only ones with maximum points, as anyone who has ever fished a festival here will tell you things can change so quickly in the top positions and it will all come down to that vital dropped result, can Tim keep his place at the top or will the action from day three affect the leader board

Well once again it is festival time for us here at White Acres, the Maver festival kick starts our autumn programme this year and we are extremely thankful for their second year of sponsorship and support for the festival.

For some this is the “last chance saloon” festival for those that are still looking to qualify for next weeks festival but I have left more spaces this year so hopefully not too many disappointments.

The weekend prior to the festival is dedicated to practising (both in the bar and on the lakes) but as anyone can tell you, you can never really call it until the actual day of the match. In the week leading up to the festival we have had some dramatic temperature drops down her in the so called “mild climate” of Cornwall and also some heavy rain adding to the cold waters. We expect the fishing to be slightly harder than normal on the first few days of the festivals and not too many top weights but hopefully them temperature and conditions will even out and it will turn out to be another cracking day of the festival.

Day One

The first draw is always fuelled by anticipation and excitement, the anglers sections are drawn prior to their arrival so they know in which rotation they will be fishing and on what lake they start off their festival campaign on.

Clint goes over the basic format for the week reminding them of some key elements including the introduction of three keep nets on the lakes more prolific for big weights and also the key rule regarding keepnets being that they must be strung out behind them at the start of every match and only put into the water 10 minutes before the start of the match.

The only thing next to do was draw, so read on to find out how the Maver festival 2007 fished on day one.

A Section Pollawyn

Pollawyn is one of the lakes that most shows the effects of quick changes in weather conditions and this was reflected in today’s weights. The lake was won today by Stewart Lister on peg 23, Stuart weighed in with 87lb 11oz caught on the pole at 18 meters to the island shallow on pellet. Mark Brown was second on the lake with 61lb 7oz; Mark was on peg 28 and caught on the lead with pellet and also on the pole at 12 meters with pellet. Third with 60lb 14oz was John Howell on peg 30, John caught on the pellet waggler. Gary Hamilton on peg 25 had the next best weight on the lake with56lb 12oz, Gary caught on the bomb with pellet.

Section Winners

Stewart Lister  9 points 87lb 11oz
Mark Brown  9 points 61lb 7oz
Adam Rooney  9 points 53lb 11oz
Chas Ward  9 points 46lb 19oz

B Section Trelawney/Python

Trelawney has been featuring in our weekly matches recently and producing some reasonable weights, we expect these to increase as the week goes on. Python sometimes struggles to the compete with the weights on Trelawney but the way it has been pegged it is fairly tight across the section so the valuable section points could come from a number of pegs. The lake win today went to Derek Willan with 99lb 10oz, Derek was on Trelawney peg 23 and caught shallow on the pellet waggler. On Trelawney peg 30 Andy Lloyd was second with 91lb 4oz, Andy caught at 17 meters on the deck with pellet. Third went to Phil Simpson on Trelawney peg 24, Phil weighed in with 88lb 12oz caught with pellet down the margins. On peg 26 Dean Barlow had the next best weight with 67lb, Dean caught on the pole with pellet at 14 meters.
Section Winners

Derek Willan  9 points 99lb 10oz
Mark Teal  9 points 48lb 12oz
Dave Schofield 9 points 47lb 8oz
Timmy Rowe  9 points 41lb

C Section Gwinear

Gwinear tends to be a bit of a “wildcard” over the festivals and prior to the festival we don’t really have too much info on how the lake has been fishing other that a few of the renowned pegs are producing good weights. The lake winner today was Craig Singleton on peg 31; Craig had a winning weight of 97lb 15oz across to the right of the bar at 5 meters. Andy Geldart took second on the lake with 94lb 14 oz, Andy was on peg 25 and caught ½ at 5 meters on 6 mil pellets and ½ at 16 meters on pellets. Third went to Steve Ringer with 83lb 12oz, Steve caught on the long pole with pellet from peg 24. The next best weight went to Callum Dicks with 78lb; Callum was on peg 1 and caught on the long pole with corn and pellet.

Section Winners

Craig Singleton 9 points 97lb 15oz
Andy Powers  9 points 94lb 14oz
Callum Dicks  9 points 78lb
Paul Blinkhorn 9 points 55lb 10oz

D Section Porth

Porth fished hard today, some anglers had been catching skimmers one a chuck in the week leading up to the festival but now they seem to have retreated and the lake is gin clear. The winning weight today was 13lb 1oz and that came from Matthew Grant on peg 85, Matt caught on the groundbait feeder with red maggot. Second on the lake on peg 82 was Grant Albutt, Grant had a weight of 12lb 8oz caught on the feeder with worms. Gary Webber was third on the lake, Gary was on peg 21 and weighed in with 11lb 2oz caught on the pole with worm. Simon Jones had the next best weight of the week with 10lb 10oz; Simon was on 79 and caught on the feeder with maggots.

Section Winners

Matthew Grant 9 points 13lb 1oz
Gary Webber  9 points 11lb 2oz
Simon Jones  9 points 10lb 10oz
Steve Potter  9 points 8lb 7oz

E Section Bolingey

Bolingey is notorious of producing some whopping weights hence the introduction of 3 keepnets. The weights were steady today and produced the best weights of the day. The lake was won today by Jason Le Bosquet on peg 20, Jason weighed in 175lb 4oz caught on the pellet waggler. Second on the lake with 147lb was Andy Powers on peg 12, Andy caught also on the pellet waggler. Adam Wakelin on peg 45 was third with 137lb 12oz, Adam caught on meat short and pellet long. Colin Cook narrowly missed out on framing and had the next best weight with 135lb 5oz, Colin was on peg 7 and caught on the pole long across.

Section Winners

Jason Le Bosquet 9 points 175lb 4oz
Andy Powers  9 points 147lb
Colin Cook  9 points 135lb 5oz
Dave Hillier  9 points 66lb 15oz

So that was day one, the weather is meant to settle down over the next couple of days and even get a bit warmer so hopefully we’ll see the weights increase and the fishing conditions improve.

Lets see who is at the top of the leader board after day one and who we have to keep an eye on for the rest of the week.

Overall Top Twenty

1st  Jason Le Bosquet 9 points 175lb 4oz
2nd  Andy Powers  9 points 147lb
3rd  Colin Cook  9 points 135lb 5oz
4th  Derek Willan  9 points 99lb 10oz
5th  Craig Singleton 9 points 97lb 15oz
6th  Andy Geldart  9 points 94lb 14oz
7th  Stewart Lister  9 points 87lb 11oz
8th  Callum Dicks  9 points 78lb
9th  Dave Hillier  9 points 66lb 15oz
10th  Mark Brown  9 points 61lb 7oz
11th  Paul Blinkhorn 9 points 55lb 10oz
12th  Adam Rooney  9 points 53lb 11oz
13th  Mark Teal  9 points 48lb 12oz
14th  Dave Schofield 9 points 47lb 8oz
15th  Chas Ward  9 points 46lb 10oz
16th  Timmy Rowe  9 points 41lb
17th  Matthew Grant 9 points 13lb 1oz
18th  Gary Webber  9 points 11lb 2oz
19th  Simon Jones  9 points 10lb 10oz
20th  Steve Potter  9 points 8lb 7oz

Jason Le Bosquet is our leader after day one; you’ll have to stay tuned each day for regular updates to see who will be crowned Maver festival champion 2007.

See you tomorrow, Kirsty