Float maker Nick Gilbert brings four new commercial fishery pole float to the market.

Nick says: “I have been working with one of Europe’s top float manufacturers who have produced a range of hand assembled floats built to my spec. The advantage of these is they are available from stock ready to post within 24 hours of receiving orders. These floats have already taken several ton plus match winning weight while testing and are supeior build quality to what is normaly available. 4 patterns have been produced initially XT Deckers, XT Power Pencils, XT Margins and XT Inline Dibbers. They are competitively priced at just £1.50 a float.”

Nick’s new floats are:

NG XT Decker
These are the open water, on the deck carp float of the range, Built with a classic diamond shaped body, long hollow tip and glass stem. Finished with a stanless steel spring eye and a side eye at the point of the diamond.

NG XT Power Pencil
I have been asked many times to sell a pencil type float and this is it! Built with carp in mind it has a long hollow plastic tip and strong glass stem. This also doubles as a excellent paste float.

NG XT Margin
Tough little margin float that wont let you down, built with a strengthened hollow plastic tip, and 1mm glass stem that goes all the way into the tip of the float. Finished with a stainless steel spring eye.

NG XT Inline Dibber
Based on the Xtra Tough Dibber shape but now in-line to eliminate wrap overs when shipping in and out, These are perfect for fishing hair rigged pellet up in the water, slapping or swinging out long lining.