Designed with input from top open match angler Rob Wootton, who won the 2009 Ivan Marks Festival with a new venue record for Roy Marlow’s Glebe Fishery, these innovative pellet feeders literally push a ball of soft pellets around your hook bait, creating a PVA bag type effect.

The feeders are in-line, with a tube running through the middle that’s pre-elasticated with what looks to be about a doubled up No8 elastic that’s set fairly tight. You might want to change this depending on the size of fish you are expecting to catch.

The ShotGun is based around a spring that sits around the central tube and compresses when you push the pellets inside, but pushes them out of the feeder once in the water. It won’t work with hard pellets, but soft pellets stick in the feeder for casting and as water gets to them through the holes in the side of the feeder, the spring literally pushes them out. And as long as you get the preparation of your pellets right and use a short hooklength of no more than six inches (three or four inches is better in my opinion), they end up right around your hook bait.

Your short hooklength attaches to a ring at the end of the elastic and you have a classic self-hooking rig. You get two ShotGun feeders in each packet.

Low oil pellets of 3mm or 4mm are ideal. To prepare them the best way I have found is put them in a two-pint bait tub, cover completely with water for about a minute, and then drain all the water off. They should be soft enough to use within 20 minutes.


Sizes: 14g and 28g

Price: £3.99 for a packet of two


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