Bait company WillyWorms is creating a stir with its groundbreaking new Pro Pellet, a hook bait that’s soft enough to hook, but has a fibrous enough texture not to tear when hair rigged, giving you confidence you won’t cast it off, even if you have to punch a feeder hard into a wind.

Made from a fish gel-based formula these pellets hold their colour and can be re-cast time after time if needed.

But they are still ‘just right’ for side-hooking if you are pole or waggler fishing.

They are available in two sizes (6mm PP6s and 8mm PP8s) and the secret to them holding their colour is that they are a solid colour throughout, not dyed.

The remarkable Pro Pellet, which keeps its shape even if cut them in half to create 3mm or 4mm pellets, includes what’s thought to be the first ever solid white hook pellet – called Killer White.

Other flavours include Green Lipped Mussel, Red Krill, Scopex Yellow, Spicy Meat and Worm.

The range is available to ORDER ONLINE at only £3.99 per pot on the WILLY WORMS WEBSITE.

Or call 01757 618 549.