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Last week 33 rods caught 106 fish for an average of 3.21 fish per rod

It has been a very quiet week on the Trout Fishery with the wet and windy conditions followed by the cold weather affecting the number of rods coming. Most of the anglers have enjoyed success with the boat and bank fishermen catching.

The best fish of the week was a 7lb 8oz rainbow caught by Richard Reeve of Rugby whilst fishing the Park Meadow pool from a boat and he caught it along with seven other fish on a Cats Whisker fished on a floating line. Steve Gowan of Knowle fished the bank of Cocks Close and caught a bag of nine fish which all came to a green Buzzer fished on a floating line. Roger Ward of Solihull fished a black Tadpole on a sinking line to tempt five fish to 3lb whilst fishing from the bank of Cocks Close. Fishery stalwart Rod Lacey from Nuneaton had a good day from a boat on Cocks Close catching and returning 20 fish to 4lb using a small green Buzzer fished on a floating line.

Small Lures such as Gold Head Cats Whisker, Viva, black Tadpole, Appetizer and white Fritz have been working well or black or olive Buzzers and Damsels are also successful fished on a floating line.

Best areas have been the old boat jetty and high bank of Cocks Close with the deeper water off the dam wall on Park Meadow best.
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