The latest issue of The Carp Channel includes a brand new episode of Chilly On Carp, in which Ian Chillcott uses all his senses to catch cool-water carp on a lake stocked by Donald Leney in the early 1960s. 

This time our ace is on Patching Pond in Sussex, England, one of the oldest man-made lakes in the country – dug in medieval times, and even mentioned in the Doomsday Book.
It’s a shallow lake, and that’s why he fancies it for this cool water session. Chilly explains how and why he changes his approach to carping in the colder months, as he uses all his senses to suss where the venue’s carp are and works out an approach to get them competing for food despite a harsh northerly wind. 
And it all works beautifully, as proves you can catch carp in the winter using stealth tactics…. several of them!

Patching Pond Raid is free to view online, on mobile and on Samsung Smart TV. If you have a Samsung Smart TV or ‘smart’ Blu-Ray player, just download the Fishing TV app from the Lifestyle section – over 100,000 anglers have already done so.


The new issue is packed with loads of great catch action, entertainment and information for carp anglers everywhere, with other highlights including…
The Naked Chod
Stu Cobb talks about the benefits of a rig which gives the option of fishing this popular silt set-up direct to the mainline.
Terry Hearn On Bait
A Carp TV special in which the ‘main man’ of carp fishing, Terry Hearn, reveals some of the bait tricks that have seen him land the biggest and most sought after carp in the UK and beyond.
Carp Cup
Highlights of the 2011 Carp Cup fished at Linear Fisheries’ Brasenose 1 presented by Rob Hughes, as featured on Sky Sports. 
Tom Maker’s ‘Go Anywhere’ Rig
Tom Maker shows off his preferred set-up when fishing a solid PVA bag, a rig he’s used to ‘smash’ venues all over the UK.
Hot Topics: Hook Links
Ian Russell and Gary ‘Milky’ Lowe run through some of their preferred hook link selections for different carp fishing scenarios, including when and why they use braid and fluorocarbon…… and much, much more

It’s all free to view online, on smartphones, on tablets, and on Samsung Smart TV. 
Just click on the link to get going, and use the arrows to scroll through the playlist.


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