Labour’s spokesman for Angling Martin Salter used a speech in Westminster  at an event by the Marine Conservation Society to urge UK anglers to become involved in the designation of the new Marine Conservation Zones.

The event was to launch the Marine Conservation Society’s “Your Seas Your Voice” campaign which is urging anglers, environmentalists, and members of the public to assist the MCS in proposing a list of marine wildlife sites. Worthy of  future protection .

Marine Conservation Zones, established by the new Marine and Coastal Access Bill, will be introduced to protect fish spawning grounds and nationally important habitats and species such as eelgrass beds, seahorses, and pink sea fans, but the exact location of the Zones are yet to be confirmed.

The Your Seas Your Voice campaign details on their website the 73 sites that that the Marine Conservation Society believe would make good Marine Conservation Zones, and asks the public to support these sites.

Speaking at the event, on a platform with TV presenter Krestovnikoff, Martin Salter said:-

“The Marine Act  is a triumph for environmentalists and recreational anglers alike, and the success of the Bill is down to these groups working with eachother to see off organised opposition from the commercial fishing interests. It is imperative that this co-operation continues in the location of the new Marine Conservation Zones. I urge all anglers and angling bodies to engage with the Your Seas Your Voice campaign to ensure that our marine reserves get the protection they deserve.”

He added:-

“Ministers have said that they expect angling to be permitted a most of the new MCZs and in the buffer zones around all of them. However other groups may have a different view which is why I want the voice of sea anglera to be heard loud and clear.”