Constructed using a soft and flexible plastic casing rolled into a cone shape and secured to a slightly curved lead at the back, these Pellet Cones ‘give’ slightly when packed with soaked pellets.

Once in the water the reverse happens and the feed is forced out of the thick end and towards your hook bait, which should be fished on a short hooklength for maximum effect. The plastic is easily trimmed with scissors to create various sizes to suit the situation.

The feeders can be used effectively with groundbait as well as soaked pellets. The lead itself is pear shaped as well as slightly curved around the feeder, aiding accurate casting as the thinner end goes first, followed by the hook bait.

The feeders are easy to cast accurately in windy conditions. Available in ‘inline’ and ‘link’ options, the inline version incorporates a fish-safe shock link system, which is very easy indeed to set up and creates a little extra give to help prevent hook pulls.

Verdict: A very neat and adaptable product available through Feeders Direct.

Fact File
Weight: 28gr
Options: Inline or straight link
Cost: Inline £2.35; Link £1.65