This is a blend of finely crushed pellets and quality fishmeal that can be mixed to break down quickly or squeezed harder for a slower breakdown.

It’s ideal for the Method and indeed comes with a Preston Innovations Flatline Feeder inside the 2kg bag.

The feeder fits perfectly into the new (and very user friendly) Preston Method mould. Like all fine fishmeals this mix soaks up a lot of water. For best results and to make it perfect for use with a Method feeder, fill a two-pint bait tub with water and add it gradually to the full 2kg of the mix, mixing rigorously as you do so. Leave it for 45 minutes and then push through a riddle.

Once you have the consistency you are looking for, cover with a wet towel to keep it that way (especially important on a hot day). If you want to add any liquid additives, add these to the water you are using before mixing.

Price: £5.99

Tackle Shops:

Gareth Purnell (Geepster)