Pellet O’s are great product from SonuBaits – small(ish) pellets that are pre-drilled ready for hair rigging.

They come with a Korum Quickstop Needle and two Korum barbless Hook Hairs with Quickstops, and of course the size of the drilled hole is perfect for pushing the Quickstop through.

The Pellet O’s come in 75gr plastic tubs with a sealable lid that’s relatively robust but would not take too much stick in the bottom of a carryall.

Available in two sizes, 8mm and 12mm, they take away the problem of having to try and drill smaller pellets without splitting them.
According to Sonu’s website they are available in Halibut and Crab flavours, although I have them in ‘White Fish’ flavour too.

Perfect for anglers who prefer to hair rig rather than band small pellets.


Cost: £1.99 per tub
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