Conservation work recognised by Dreamstore

The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN – is pleased to announce we have received the Dreamstore Active Conservation Award in recognition of the work we have done towards increasing public awareness of the urgent need for the conservation of inshore fish stocks in Scottish waters and for our contributions to public policy development.

In making the award, Dreamstore’s David Hoey said: “As an independent Charity, the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network has undertaken outstanding work in creating focus on conservation issues and the marine environment, especially those affecting sea anglers. Its education, environmental awareness, research and events programme is an exemplary example of the power of harnessing voluntary endeavour in conservation.

“SSACN has worked hard in building collaborative partnerships, and sought practical solutions to problems created by inefficient and ineffective fisheries management and practices which have left many species void in several areas and have destroyed many habitats. This includes their “Give Fish A Chance” (GFAC) awareness campaign, and the very impressive Scottish Shark Tagging Programme (, which they have popularised through Tagathons.”

Accepting the award, Denis Kelly, SSACN’s Secretary said : “The award recognises the huge efforts made by SSACN’s volunteer anglers and our various partners to try and help ensure there will be ‘Fish for the Future’ for all.”

SSACN was formed in 2006 to focus on conservation issues caused by decades of ineffective and inefficient political and fisheries mismanagement.

Our primary goal is to help ensure the regeneration of inshore fish stocks and their environments through a variety of initiatives including angler education; environmental awareness; shark tagging programmes; political lobbying and scientific research.

The Dreamstore Award highlights the huge volume of work undertaken by SSACN and the fantastic levels of commitment and dedication of the volunteers involved.

Normally work in the angling voluntary sector goes unrecognised, but thanks to the Award, everyone involved can be confident they are making a difference and it has not gone unnoticed.

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The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN) is an independent Charity registered in Scotland which was created to focus on conservation issues in the marine environment, especially those affecting sea anglers.